Taskman Tutorial Overview

Welcome to the renderJS taskman tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to develop a sample application for managing tasks. The application will be responsive and work without a server. We will be using a lot of JavaScript and utilize the plugins jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jIO, renderJS as well as some CSS and HTML.

The purpose of this tutorial is to make yourself familiar with browser-based technologies and component-based application development.

The application we are going to create will have its shortcomings, which will be pointed out at the end. Feel free to improve upon the existing codebase and create a better version of the task manager.

This tutorial will teach writing applications with renderJS.
It is not a tutorial on how to improve the existing task manager, write performance optimized code or "nice UI". Rather it recreates the existing task manager under the coding practices renderJS establishes and imposes while utilizing jIO and JQM.

After doing the tutorial, a reader should be able to create his own application based on the concepts taught here.

The finished application generated with the tutorial can be found here:

Task Manager Application

Start the tutorial below: